All your IT needs One Unified Experience

Empower your team with a smooth, efficient experience on any device. Our solution allows users to work from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and productivity without being tied to a single device.

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Cloudbizz.

Hosted In Belgium since 20 Years

Two data centers in Belgium,
with an additional 160 data centers available globally with Microsoft Azure

Our data centers are designed with full redundancy in fiber networks and power supply, ensuring maximum reliability and a 99.95% SLA.

Access is tightly controlled with gated facilities, logged staff, and 24/7 video surveillance.

Our centers also undergo regular audits to meet HIPAA, PCI, and SOC security standards.

Maximum Security & Redundancy
Data store in 2 locations
Daily Backup / Enterprise-grade NVMe drives with RAID-6 replication and 30 min snapshoot protection.

Data Analysis

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flux office
flux office

Finalize Product

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Our INtegration overview

Ready to use Business Applications

"Driven by over 20 years of strong partnership with major software publishers, we successfully host several thousand users, thereby providing our partners the opportunity to propel their solutions towards triumphant Cloud distribution made easy."
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and behavioral analysis, this groundbreaking, all-encompassing, and user-friendly software has already established its effectiveness. Over 2,000 accountants are currently experiencing time savings of up to 40%.
Ready to use software :
Horus Office
Dedicated SQL Server in option
Exact WinBooks accounting software serves trustees, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. 100% customizable, the solution is designed to adapt to the specificities of each type of business and support company growth.
Ready to use software :
Maximize your accounting efficiency. With its well-organized screens and menus, Adsolut Accounting allows you to work quickly and error-free.The software processes electronic documents and payments (CODA) fully automatically.
Ready to use software :
Gestion Centrale
Sage BOB - the successor to Sage BOB 50 - saves you time on your accounting tasks. You can focus on what truly matters, which is managing your business. It's no wonder that Sage BOB is one of the most widely used accounting software in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Ready to use software :
Bob 50
Bob Demat
Allegro Windows is the leading accounting software on the Windows platform. With 30 years of development and tens of thousands of loyal and satisfied customers

Ready to use software :
Allegro Windows
Mercator is efficient to manage your sale and purchase processes. For each step of your internal processes, even if these involve many users, Mercator has the right solution to manage your whole business in a single and unique software.

Ready to use software :
Mercator SOS
The electronic highway between accounting firms and entrepreneurs.

Ready to use with :
Bob Software
CodaBox provides you with essential data to manage your accounting firm digitally from A to Z. Account statements, credit card statements, pay slips, and electronic invoices are seamlessly integrated into your accounting software, ready for processing.

Ready to use with :
Horus Software
Winbooks Software
Kluwer Software
Office software that facilitates your work as an accountant.

Since 2001, Syneton have been managing the administration of accounting firms and business auditors

Ready to use software :
Admin Consult
Build by accountants, for accountants, the Silverfin cloud platform helps accountancy firms prepare and complete working papers, financial statements, corporation tax and management reports.

Leading the industry towards a more secure approach of blocking unknown application vulnerabilities.

What is ThreatLocker used for?ThreatLocker Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, and Network Control are the gold standard when it comes to blocking ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software.

Our Unified Communications solution, compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS, empowers business users with a robust array of features and capabilities.Whether you're on the move, you can take your office with you and seamlessly transition from desktop to your mobile device using Communicator GO – our mobile application for Google Android and Apple iOS.

Ready to use software :
Communciator for PC & Mac
Communicator for IOS & Android

What do We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet the needs of small & medium company.

For almost 20 years, we've been assisting small and medium-sized businesses in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. With over 2350 clients from various industries, we're well-prepared to help you digitize your company effortlessly.

Remote Desktop & Apps Solutions

We provide a hosted Windows desktop and apps solution, enabling seamless access to your work environment from any device. This ensures that you are not tied to a single device, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity.

Microsoft Azure

Utilizing our two decades of cloud experience, we can deliver our services seamlessly on Microsoft Azure while crafting customized solutions designed to meet your company's unique needs.

Voip Solutions

Easily collaborate with your team from any location using our Cloud Telephony system, and upgrade from your outdated, legacy, and traditional business telephony solution.

Hosting Solutions

For companies with specific needs, we have all the necessary infrastructure to host windows & linux virtual machine with our Hyper-V Infrastructure.

Datacenter / Housing Solutions

Looking for a hybrid solution? We offer the option to host your physical servers in our datacenter, providing the necessary support as your trusted on-site team.

Backup & Security

All our business plan features come with daily snapshots, offering a 30-day retention period, and these snapshots are securely stored in a secondary location as an added layer of protection against ransomware threats.

User Lifecycle Management

Cloudbizz streamlines the onboarding of new employees, managing everyday user tasks with efficient workflows. You can effortlessly specify resources, access permissions, and necessary software for a role, ensuring a swift and smooth start for your new team members.

Our Services

Understanding & Managing
Your IT complexity.

We provide a comprehensive range of infrastructure, IT security, and cloud management services to various business sectors in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.

Established in 2004, the service driven Cloudbizz team has been consistently delivering value to clients by offering expert guidance for their IT investments and by identifying and implementing the most suitable solutions.

We continuously adapt and evolve with technology to ensure that we remain at the forefront of service for our clients.

20 Years

Of Customer Satisfaction


Customers in Belgium, France & Luxembourg

What Makes Us Different?

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

Manage Service

We offer a comprehensive range of managed IT services, specifically tailored to assist small and medium-sized businesses, through our innovative Cloud Solution.

IT Infrastructure

Cloudbizz revolutionizes your business operations, preparing you for upcoming IT innovations like microsoft Copilot and Azure.

Hardware and software

The skilled technology team at Cloudbizz is dedicated to ensuring your computer hardware operates flawlessly, while keeping your software consistently updated.

This commitment enables your employees to focus on their core responsibilities, surpassing your customers' lofty expectations with exceptional service.

Top-Notch Support

We additionally provides a wide range of IT software services crafted to align with your individual requirements. These services encompass migrations for significant software upgrades, product updates, new software installations, and more.

Our Pricing / Including 10% of reduction for yearly payment or 3 years contract

We offer great prices, for premium technlogies and quality service for your business.

One App
Hosting of one Application

From €
Use your business application anywhere

1 Published App
Okta Multi-factor licence
Threatlocker Protection
Daily Update
Daily Backup
Available on Any Device
4.95€/mo per accounting Apps
Ask for a quote

Plan 1
Hosting of your full Windows Desktop

From €
Move your local IT to the cloud

1 Full Desktop
Okta Multi-factor licence
Threatlocker Protection
Daily Update
25GB Storage per user
Daily Backup
4.95€/mo per accounting Apps
Ask for a quote

Plan 2
Dedicated Windows Server

From €
and 27,50€/mo per server

1 Dedicated Server
2 vCPU
and 3 GB Memory
Okta Multi-factor licence
Threatlocker Protection
Daily Update
Daily Backup
Tailored IT Service
Ask for a quote

Can I cancel my subscription?

We offer various subscription options, including monthly, annual, and three-year contracts
Depending on the contract, you may have the option to cancel either within the month or with a three-month notice before the contract's expiration.

How can I manage my account?

We have a comprehensive management portal that allows you to oversee your users, deploy applications, assign security rights, order and allocate Microsoft licenses, and many other functions to empower you in effectively managing your IT environment.

Which Office license can be used on Cloudbizz?

Microsoft allows the following licenses in a cloud environment: Office Business Premium, Microsoft Apps, and Microsoft Enterprise.

Is my cloud access and my data well protected?

Access to Cloudbizz is protected by Okta, the global leader in access management. Additionally, all our machines are secured by Threatlocker, and we have a backup of our infrastructure every 30 minutes.