Pricing simulator

Accounting Apps
Infrastructure cost (licence not include)

Monthly price €

Bob Software

Microsoft Business Premium
with 50GB Mailbox include

Yearly price €

Monthly price €

50GB Mailbox
Email adress with your domain name
1TB of Onedrive
Microsoft Teams
Office Online + 5 install
Microsoft Defender
Premium Antispam available for 3.5€/mo per mailbox

Microsoft 365 Apps
Available on 5 device + Cloudbizz

Yearly price €

Monthly price €

1 TB of Onedrive
Office Online & 5 install

Teams Essential
Include with Premium

Yearly price €

Monthly price €

10% reduction for yearly payment or 3 years contract

Exchange Online Plan 1

Yearly price €
3,90/mo per mailbox

Monthly price €
4,70/mo per mailbox

Exchange Online Plan 2

Yearly price €
7,5/mo per mailbox

Monthly price €
9,0/mo per mailbox

Vade Secure - Premium Antispam

Monthly price €
3,5/mo per mailbox

FTP Services

Monthly price €
6,05/mo per account

Extra vCPU (for Plan 2)

Monthly price €
19,80/mo per vCPU

Extra vRAM (for Plan 2)

Monthly price €
8,80/mo per GB

Extra Storage

Monthly price €
0,11/mo per GB
2,5 per 25GB Pack

Voice Extension

Monthly price €
9,9/mo per GB

Voice number

Monthly price €

Activation cost

Desktop Activation €
209/per user

Voice Activation €
50/per extension

Can I cancel my subscription?

We offer various subscription options, including monthly, annual, and three-year contracts
Depending on the contract, you may have the option to cancel either within the month or with a three-month notice before the contract's expiration.

How can I manage my account?

We have a comprehensive management portal that allows you to oversee your users, deploy applications, assign security rights, order and allocate Microsoft licenses, and many other functions to empower you in effectively managing your IT environment.

Which Office license can be used on Cloudbizz?

Microsoft allows the following licenses in a cloud environment: Office Business Premium, Microsoft Apps, and Microsoft Enterprise.

Is my cloud access and my data well protected?

Access to Cloudbizz is protected by Okta, the global leader in access management. Additionally, all our machines are secured by Threatlocker, and we have a backup of our infrastructure every 30 minutes.